Try our Babboe.


Bike rentals in Zandvoort

The starting point for a day in Zandvoort with lockers and showers

Diverse assortment of quality bikes

Open daily from 9:30 - 18:00 hrs

3 minute walk away from the trainstation


Babboe Beach Center

Zandvoort, no nicer place to try out a Babboe cargo bike

Try Babboe for free before purchase

Expert advice

After a test rite you can order the Babboe directly

Within walking distance of the station

Divers assortment

Batavus Fonk


Electric Bike


Babboe City-E


Do you still have questions?

Passage 33
2042 KS Zandvoort

Phone: 085 - 489 47 20  |

Do you want to buy a bike?

We have our quality ex-rental bikes for sale on Marktplaats. Because of our winterstorage and repeated maintenance, these bikes are still in excellent condition.

Bought in bulk from the best Dutch brands Gazelle, Sparta and Batavus, we’re now selling them to the customer for a sharp price.

Zilt-Bikes on Marktplaats


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